As part of the Alfaisal Core Labs and Research Infrastructure’s educational mandate, our expert staff members run training modules for our users on all equipment suitable for independent use.

As independent use broadens awareness of processes and facilitates ownership of method and data acquisition, we encourage all our users to work independently when possible. Our staff will always be on hand to offer ongoing support and advice when needed.

Training modules, which are run bi-annually, are open to the Alfaisal academic community and our external users who have a service agreement with Alfaisal.

To be eligible for training, all applicants must first be registered on Infinity, our central booking system. For more information about Infinity, please contact clc@alfaisal.edu

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • High-Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence
  • Imaging and Characterization
  • Material Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences