1. Mass spectrometers

An analytical tool useful for measuring the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of one or more molecules present in a sample. These measurements can often be used to calculate the exact molecular weight of the sample components as well.

Manufacturer: Targets Scientific

Model: Benchtop ICP TOF R

  1. Chromatographs

An analytical technique that allows the separation of analyte through its characteristics, such as – but not limited to – molecular charge, molecular size, or molecular affinity, to remain within the mobile phase, also known as the stationary phase.

Manufacturer: Targets Scientific

Model: HAPSTIRE ER Field Portable

  1. Thermal analyzers

Used to measure glass transitions, phase changes, melting points, and heat capacity. These instruments can also be utilized to determine sample decomposition, oxidation or loss of solvent or water. To measure expansion, contraction, penetration, softening of the sample.

Manufacturer: Targets Scientific



  1. BON-006 Die Attach

Accessory item of wafer dicing tool (BON-004) to move piece of diced wafer and will be used together with BON-004.

Sample – any wafers.

Manufacturer: Semiconductor Equipment Corp

Model Number: 830

  1. LIT-020 UV Cure

UV cure is a flood exposure system to instantly cure or dry inks, coatings or adhesives using high-intensity ultraviolet light. It generates a photo-chemical reaction that generates a cross-linked network of polymers. It is equipped with 365 nm wavelength UV lamp with a 20 mW/cm2 power density.

Wafer – any materials with photoresist.

Manufacturer: Tamarack Scientific Co. Inc

Model Number: 2130-CP

  1. BON-003 Gold Wire Bonder

Model 626 is a deep access, long reach wire bonder that can operate as a ball, wedge, bump or peg bonder. It is specifically designed for applications that require bonding at extreme height differences between 1st and 2nd bond and for bonding wires to sensitive devices such as gallium arsenide FETs and LEDs.

Sample – clean metal, silicon, III-V materials. Not applicable for glass and polymers.

Manufacturer: Hybond, Inc

Model Number: 626 12 10 A-2 30A 08


  1. Element XR HR-ICP-MS

Femtosecond laser ablation unit with cry cell (Applied Spectra J200 QX) with and coupled to a Thermo Instruments Element XR sector field high resolution inductively coupled plasma spectrometer (HR-ICP-MS, Thermo ELEMENT XR)

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher

Model Number: Element XR

  1. iCAP TQ ICP-MS with XS Dectector/chromat

Level trace elemental analysis using inductively coupled plasma tandem mass spectrometry (ICP-MS/MS).

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher

Model Number: iCAP TQ

  1. Segmented Flow Analyzer

Determination of nutrients, silica (dissolved as SiO2), phosphate, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia.

Sample – drinking, treated, waste, seawater, brine water samples with a minimum quantity of 50 mL. Nitrate and nitrite have to be stored in -20 deg.C freezer. Ammonia should be analyzed immediately. Samples for silica, phosphate, chloride, sulfates, bromide, alkalinity, total hardness analyses have to be stored in 2-8 Celsius fridge. Samples for silica analysis should not be submitted in glass containers.

Manufacturer: Seal Analytical

Model Number: AA3 HR


  1. Direct Detect Spectrometer

Direct Detect Spectrometer for protein concentration determination by infrared spectrometry

Manufacturer: Merck Millipore

Model Number: DDHW00010-00

  1. Apestation-Post_PCR_bcl

The Agilent TapeStation system is an automated electrophoresis solution the quality control of DNA and RNA samples. It has the same feature of the Bioanalyzer with the advantage of increased throughout and therefore faster processing.

Sample type: DNA, RNA, NGS libraries

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

Model Number: G2991A

  1. QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System

The Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System is an affordable digital PCR platform with high accuracy, sensitivity, and precision in a scalable small-footprint platform that is simple to use at any experience level.

  • Simple load and go, turn-key chip-based workflow
  • Save money with a system priced at less than 50% of droplet-based digital PCR platforms
  • Quantitate absolute nucleic acid concentrations in copies/µL

Digital PCR makes new applications possible by enabling sensitive and precise absolute target quantification without the use of a reference or standard curve. Researchers can now go beyond Ct to absolute quantification for investigations that involve detecting extremely rare events or determining the exact number of targets in a sample. The simple, affordable, and contained QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System brings digital PCR to all researchers.

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher

Model Number: ProFlex Dual Flat


  1. IBM Power System S914

A secure, reliable, cloud-enabled 1-socket 4U scale-out server for mission-critical workloads.

Manufacturer: IBM

Model Number: S914


  1. Olympus BX41

Upright microscope for fluorescence, DIC and brightfield epifluorescence imaging.

Sample – standard sample on microscope slide, transparent or non-transparent sample but with fluorescence.

Manufacturer: Olympus

Model Number: BX43F

  1. Bruker D2 Phaser

X-ray Diffractometer – XRD – for phase identification at room temperature.

Sample – powders.

Manufacturer: Bruker

Model Number: D2 Phaser 2 Gen

  1. ZEISS 7MP Multiphoton microscope

Multiphoton imaging

Sample – standard microscope slide.

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss

Model Number: Axio Examinar Z1, Up